Iveri Whitening



With so many whitening products on the market, why should I choose Iveri Whitening?

Iveri solution is designed and backed by dental professionals. Iveri whitening uses a unique combination of ingredients which are safe on the enamel and provide maximum whitening results in the shortest amount of time.

Will Iveri Whitening cause teeth sensitivity?

Iveri solution is designed to virtually eliminate sensitivity. Potassium Nitrate, a key ingredient in Iveri Whitening, can be found in all major sensitivity toothpastes.

How long will the whitening effect last?

Teeth that have undergone the gentle Iveri Whitening procedure will remain lighter than their original state. They may, however, begin to lose their lustre depending on lifestyle. Smoking cigarettes and drinking tea/coffee will contribute to discoloration and stains. In these cases we strongly recommend you visit your dental professional every few months for touch up sessions. Iveri Whitening Personal Care is also recommended for intermittent whitening between visits.

How long do I need to wait before I can eat/drink?

We recommend you avoid any foods/drinks which are likely to cause stains for 24 hours following the procedure.

How often can I use the Iveri Personal Care take home kit?

We suggest initially whitening your teeth in-office with Iveri Whitening Professional Care. 1-4 sessions are recommended based on the condition of your teeth. This is something you can team up with your dental professional to determine. After the initial whitening session touch ups can be performed in office every 2-9 months depending on lifestyle, or at home as needed. Iveri Personal Care contains a milder solution that is safe for touch ups anytime.