Pull Your Tooth or Save It?

Pulling out a painful or an infected tooth seems like an easy option. However, this may not be the best choice! Notably, irrespective of your current state, saving a natural tooth should always be your first choice, as you stand to gain a lot of health benefits.

Natural teeth are stronger

Natural teeth are generally stronger, easy to clean, and function much better compared to fabricated teeth.

No loss of self-esteem

When you pull out your tooth, the gap left may affect your self-esteem, especially when smiling or talking to your colleagues and friends.


Keep your youthful appearance

Most of the time, when you pull out your tooth, the roots that support the jaws are also pulled out, leaving a hole in the jaw bone. After a while, the jaw bone surrounding the hole may collapse, hence interfering with your dental structure. This may make you appear much older than you are.

Avoid shifting of teeth

When you pull your tooth, the gap left may force the surrounding teeth to shift. The shift does not occur instantly, but over time, it may cause chewing problems and bite alignment.

Less pain

After tooth extraction, most patients complain about feeling pain for a few more days. This often occurs if you experience a dry socket. But when you preserve your tooth through a root canal procedure, the pain is addressed instantly, and there is no chance of having a dry socket.

Few visits to the dentist

Once you pull your tooth, the dentist may recommend a tooth implant, a crown, or a bridge to prevent the teeth from shifting. Having these procedures means more visits to the family dentist, more expenses, and at times, more pain.

It is less costly

Pulling your tooth and replacing it will cost you more time and money. Moreover, choosing not to replace your tooth may cause cost you physically and emotionally.

How To Save Your Tooth

You can easily keep your teeth healthy and stronger for long, by undergoing a root canal. Notably, a root canal is a dental procedure, where a tooth is cleaned and then disinfected to remove the inflamed or infected pulp. 

Thereafter, the tooth is filled with a potent substance that protects and strengthens it – allowing your tooth to function naturally. Besides saving your natural tooth, root canal eliminates pain, and the recovery time is relatively short.

So When Should I Extract the tooth

Saving your tooth is always preferred, but there are situations where you don’t have any option but to remove it. For instance, if the tooth has a crack below the gum line, or in more than one part, there may be no way to save it. Moreover, if a tooth is too weak to be repaired, the best option is to remove it.

Bottom Line: 

Having a candid discussion with your dentist can help you to understand the best option for you. Notably, the dentist will examine the tooth and offer guidance based on the results.

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