Benefits and Advantages of Dental Implants

When it comes to a dental implant, could it be right for you? We’re talking all about the benefits of dental implants today. Read on and find out more about how implant technology has become increasingly sophisticated over the years. Then you can find out whether you might want to book an appointment and see if implants may be the solution to your dental problems.

What are the advantages and the benefits when it comes to dental implants?

They Behave Just Like Real Teeth

dental implant expert irvineImplants can be nice because they restore the power of chewing in full! Many patients remark that they cannot even tell if their normal and natural teeth are different from the implant– that’s how similar they are. It allows you to eat normally and it is just brushed and flossed at night like any other tooth.

They Can Last a Long Time

Implants can last your entire life if they are taken care of. Implants are made out of titanium and integrated into the jawbone. The bio-compatible nature of implants mean that they are not toxic and your body will not react to them or reject them. If you need a replacement tooth, this is a good selection.

Implants Will Help Prevent Bone Loss

This happens in the jaw. This is when there aren’t any tooth roots or any implants that are going to keep your jaw bone stimulated. The lack of a tooth means that a jaw bone in an empty space will deteriorate when there is not enough stimulation.

When there is not an implant that is put in when a tooth is lost in the first year, the area of the bone will lose up to a quarter of its total volume. Bone loss will just continue as time goes on. Dentures may increase the speed of the bone loss when they come loose, rubbing against a bony ridge and wearing it slowly away. An implant will replace a root and the tooth, so the ability to chew and eat food goes back to normal.

Implants Make Teeth That Are Adjacent More Stable

A missing tooth can cause the gap and the adjacent teeth to shift crookedly towards that gap. This will make your teeth go out of their normal position and affect not only the bite but chewing and appearance. It can also cause some interference, making tooth replacement even more difficult to do later. Poor bites can cause issues such as pain, TMJ, and headaches.

Less Gum Disease

A gap means trapped food and more bacteria. This could increase the chances that you come down with gum disease. No one wants that, so consider whether an implant might be required for a tooth you have missing by consulting with your dentist!

Can Prevent Premature Aging and Facial Sagging

Facial sagging can happen when bone loss happens from teeth that are missing. The bottom part of the face will collapse, closing a distance from the nose tip to the chin. Chances include the mouth having too many wrinkles, lips getting thin, a pointed chin, and just looking aged or older than you are.

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